St. Louis Cardinals Top 10 Prospects Updated

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St. Louis Cardinals Top 10 Prospects Updated

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St. Louis Cardinals Top 10 Prospects Updated
by Marc Hulet
September 17, 2018

The Cardinals don’t have the deepest system in the word but there are some interesting prospects littered throughout the system. And the upper half of the Top 10 has some helium potential. ... s-updated/


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Re: St. Louis Cardinals Top 10 Prospects Updated

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2. Nolan Gorman | 3B | A —> Gorman has a chance to be a beast. However, he also has a chance to de-evolve into Joey Gallo — a player who swings for the fences every single time and doesn’t have an ounce of strategy at the plate beyond the grip-and-rip. Gorman, 18, had a nice approach in rookie ball but it started to fall away in A-ball when he started to chase the homers more often. He’ll likely return to A-ball in 2019 and I’d like to see him put the homer swing in his back pocket for a while and work on pitch recognition, handling curveballs and just polishing the hit tool. Defensively, he has a chance to be average but he needs some work to get there.
Is this dude serious? Going to A-ball as an 18 y/o right after your HS season is incredible. We all have heard the stat about Garry Templeton etc. but it truly is eye-opening that he could head to that level and be competent right away.

His OBP being 78 points higher than his batting average shows his approach was not free-swinging. Admittedly, I did not watch him in A-ball this year, but that approach is completely opposite of what he generally has shown.

The Joy Gallo comp has to be in reference to the fact that he strikes out a ton and hits almost all fly balls.

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Re: St. Louis Cardinals Top 10 Prospects Updated

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I do not see Joey Gallo in him at all. Gorman has damn good plate discipline for his age.

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