Ivan Herrera

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Ivan Herrera

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Guy is good with the bat. Same level and age as Gorman. Strikes out a bit less than Gorman too. Similar offensive output so far though.

Can someone point to a decent scouting report on his defense? He needs to play somewhere if he can't catch. Bat is too good and progressing nicely and we don't have many like it in our system.

Only scouting on defense I can find is stuff similar to this:
His blocking and receiving both will require some work, as will his management of the running game, but club officials believe Herrera can develop into an average defender thanks to his combination of tools, work ethic and makeup.


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Re: Ivan Herrera

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Question of whether he can stay at catcher has always been his issue. I’ve loved this kid since we signed him and he was great at Pan Am Games for Puerto Rico.

His bat-to-ball skills are the best in the system since Oscar Tavares.

If I had to guess, I’d say he is akin to what Knizner is defensively behind the plate by the time he’s ready to come up. I. E. just good enough but the bat plays.

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Re: Ivan Herrera

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