A Cards Top 10 Thread (question for phins)

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Re: A Cards Top 10 Thread (question for phins)

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Big Amoco Sign wrote:
Fat Strat wrote:
st.lewis11 wrote:Delvin Perez still hasn't panned out after all that hype over him?
Is there any reason for hope at all in him anymore?
Sure. He played all last season at age 20 and did ok. He's a player to keep an eye on but it might be a slower process for him.
506 PAs with .323 slugging. Zero power. Bad K/BB. 24 errors in the field.

He has a long road.
Defense is supposed to be pretty good... you know, supposed to be. We will see. I could see Perez going Pete Kozma and slowly working his way up as a passable SS and then all of a sudden he is in the majors. Unlike Kozma, though, the athleticism on Perez is there.


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Re: A Cards Top 10 Thread (question for phins)

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CardsofSTL wrote:Umm this question was for phins you [expletive]

Haha I just assumed phins would be the only person on this board that’s even heard of the bolded names

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Re: A Cards Top 10 Thread (question for phins)

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go birds wrote:So i was perusing some fantasy sites out of boredom and saw razzball posted their top 10 cards list. Who are some of these names (bolded)?

1. OF Dylan Carlson | 21 | AAA | Early 2020
2. 3B Nolan Gorman | 19 | A+ | 2022
3. OF Randy Arozarena | 25 | MLB | Early 2020
4. OF Jhon Torres | 20 | A | 2023
5. LHP Zack Thompson | 22 | A+ | Mid 2021
6. OF Darlin Moquete | 20 | R | 2024
7. 3B Malcom Nunez | 19 | A | 2023
8. OF Diowill Burgos | 19 | R | 2024
9. C Andrew Knizner | 25 | MLB | Early 2020
10. OF Patrick Romeri | 18 | R | 2024

Also, regarding Jhon Torres, he had a bit of a down year and lost his luster, but something i hadn't taken into consideration, and, something i always forget to take into consideration with these latin american players is that cooler weather months really takes its toll on them. After getting moved back to the Appy League, he posted a 149 WRC+. Anyway, i'm being reeled back in on him.

Here's the link for a small blurb on the above players: https://razzball.com/top-2020-prospects ... cardinals/
Sorry, I've been MIA for a bit. This list came from a fantasy baseball site, so it's more upside based.

Romeri is a kid who was just drafted. He was taken in the 12th round, but he was one of our better picks in my view. He even signed for fairly pedestrian dollars.

What stands out about Romeri?
Size. He's a legit 6-3, 205 with a great frame to carry more strength.
Youth. He hadn't even turned 18 at the time of the draft.
Athleticism. Despite the fact he's a good-sized kid, he also has clocked 60-yard dash times under 7-seconds, making him essentially a 50-runner coming out. He is loose in his body movements as well.
Bat Speed. Romeri has been clocked with a maximum barrel speed of 82-84 mph. That is a very good metric and that bat speed allows him to hit velocity immediately. Average in-game velocities are ~70 mph, and the elite guys are ~85 mph. Bobby Witt Jr., who is considered to have the best bat speed of any prospect in this draft, clocked 83.4 mph.

He's advanced physically, which limits his upside, his arm strength is a 45 or so, and he's in need of a swing change to tap into his power more often. For a 12th round pick though, I'd say he's great value and would put him in our top-30 list of prospects already.

Diowill Burgos is a toolsy kid the Cardinals signed out of the Dominican a few years ago for 300k. He can run, has a nice arm, a good frame. He's a long way from being anything, but the Cardinals moved him to the states this year, which is a sign they like him and think he can handle it culturally. Him and Adanson Cruz were my two favorite signings of his class, when the Cardinals were in bonus cap of 300k and got some intriguing players. Joerlin De la Cruz was in that class as well.

I'll admit it; you got me on the other kid. I hadn't actually heard of him, so I was intrigued and looked did some research. He signed as a pitcher in the transactions list, originally (could have been a mistake). Highly athletic kid with 60+ speed. He has a loose swing, which seems to be something this regime looks at when signing kids as upside plays. Darlin Moquete has at least been added to my database. He's tiny, looking even smaller than his listed size of 5-11, 175, he's already 20 and hasn't reached the states yet, and doesn't seem to have much thump.

It's nice that he's made the list that high for a guy who follows such things, but to me, he's a guy to keep an eye on, far more than the others, who are actual prospects.

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