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Re: MLB Award Finalist

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Personally, I wouldn't rank relievers very high - they have their own award. But some voters have, so that's why I don't really see anything odd about having Helsley that high. I wouldn't have had him there, but I don't vote.

I don't even know who Denton is, so I don't care to read anything about his justification for it. It is a 5th place vote for an award that had a unanimous winner. Why should anyone even care? Anything beyond 3rd place votes don't even affect things unless it is a really contested year.

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Re: MLB Award Finalist

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CardsofSTL wrote:
November 7 22, 8:32 pm
Should be


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Re: MLB Award Finalist

Post by Magneto2.0 »

Judge wins. 28 first place votes

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Re: MLB Award Finalist

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Big Amoco Sign wrote:
November 17 22, 2:58 pm
I still don't see the argument for Helsley. Unless we do change IP limit to him. RE24 is a good context-neutral stat but I am unsure 6th best at that, with IP adjustment, means he is deserving of a vote. And isn't the best ERA+/ERA- guy Phillips? And he didn't make Denton's list so...
By WPA he was the sixth most valuable pitcher in the NL in obviously limited duty. To be fair to relievers there's a good argument to consider the leverage of their outings. I wouldn't have voted for him but it's defensible.

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